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If I Had One More Summer at Camp, I Would…

…jump off the bus into welcoming arms.

…give Roger and Dagni a huge hug.

…decorate my area of the Cabin.

…hit a Homerun.

…earn Bullseye Club…maybe both.

…reach the top of the Climbing Wall.

…build, launch and catch a Rocket.

…participate in the Theater Shows.

…sail a Hobie.

…bust a move in Dance.

…cannonball into the Lake.

…cartwheel through Gymnastics.

…score a Touchdown.

…rock Cove with a campus cheer.

…ski in and out of the Wake.

…serve up an ace on the Courts.

…serve up a masterpiece in Culinary

…cheer until my Voice is gone.

…score a goal in Soccer and Lacrosse.

…score a ride on Roger’s sweet, sweet golf cart.

…work the Ceramics Wheel.


…learn the moves for the Dining Hall Dance Parties.

…play in the Moose Bowl or Katahdin Cup.

…make the perfect s’more.

…catch a fish, biggest of the day or smallest of the day.

…win Spirit Days!  Oh, yeah…we’re all winners!

…Make Your Own Sunday.

…sing at a Council Fire.

…hug all my friends.

…thank all my counselors.



Thanksgiving is always a time for reflection and appreciation. To celebrate this year we want to share what we’re most thankful for.

Campers and Camp Families

We’re incredibly thankful you value the summer camp experience and your summer home. We’re thankful you carry on long-standing traditions and create new ones of your own. We’re grateful for the shared memories and friendships you’ve forged. We love every summer moment laughing, playing and growing with you!

Our Staff

Camp is about the people, and Laurel South has some of the most amazing staff and counselors in the world. Each summer they come from all over and dedicate themselves to ensuring a safe, fun and incredible experience for our campers. It’s hard work and we’re so grateful for all they do! Our staff are the pillars of our community.

The State of Maine

The scenery in Maine is breathtaking. We love the woodlands, rolling hills and, of course, Crescent Lake. There’s no better backdrop for an amazing camp experience!

Laurel South Traditions

Camps thrive on tradition, and Laurel South’s are on display all summer long! From daily traditions like campus songs and Evening Cove to once-a-summer favorites like the Carnival and Spirit Days. We’re thankful from arrival to departure…and every moment in between. Happy Thanksgiving!

Maine: The Way Camp Should Be

One of the best parts of camp is the combined sense of newness and familiarity. It’s refreshing to have a change of pace and simultaneously comforting to be back at our home away from home. The benefits of camp are endless: community, independence, friendship, learning new skills and personal growth are a few of my favorites. But there’s something unique about spending the summer in Maine.

Fresh air, endless trees and sparkling Crescent Lake: Maine is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Forest views are a welcome substitute to big city skyscrapers and suburban roads. Screen time is replaced with games on green fields. Exploring by canoe, on foot, or even on horseback gives everyone a greater appreciation for the surrounding nature.

Campers and counselors – when reminiscing about their summers – mention the community, the activities, the special events and the beauty of Maine. They picture themselves laughing with friends, paddleboarding on Crescent Lake, and taking in the crisp air. They remember their place in Maine and can instantly be filled with joy, peace and a longing to return. And that’s the way camp should be!


From the bottom of our hearts, thanks to all of you for a summer that couldn’t have been more rewarding!

To our wonderful camp families: Thank you for your support and the faith you placed in us.

To our incredible staff: Thank you for doing more than ever. Your dedication to your campers and ability to find the fun was amazing.

And to the best campers anywhere: Thank you for bringing the fun! We watched you have fun, make friends and laugh again…all without technology! You’re the reason we do what we do, and we hope the summer was exactly what you had dreamed it would be. We can’t wait to see you in 2022!

Laurel South 2021: The New Awesome!

What a Ride!

What an amazing session we’ve had! As we spend today packing up and preparing for Departure Day tomorrow, it’s important for us to reflect on all the fun we had, the memories we created, and the friendships we formed.

The past week alone was amazing: Moose Bowl, Katahdin Cup, two incredible Theater Shows (Beauty and the Beast and The Wizard of Oz), a Final Banquet, Final Social, Rocket Launches, Gymnastics Shows…the list goes on and on.

And while we’re always sad to see the session come to an end, our enthusiasm for Summer 2022 has begun! Everyone stay safe, study hard and start counting down the days until we hear those famous words again:


Down the Stretch We Come…

Here we are…getting ready for our final week of the 2021 camp season. Before you know it, we’ll all be back at school or work, staring out of the window and dreaming about the 04015!

But for now we’ll keep relishing every moment of this journey we’re sharing! Our incredible CITs/LITs had the most amazing White Water Rafting experience, followed by a Super-Secret “S” Day which knocked out many of their Bucket List requests! Today the 5-Year Club headed out for their movie celebration. Saco and Kineo had a blast going berry picking. And our Drive-In Movie was epic, as always!

Practices for Moose Bowl and Katahdin Cup are rocking, as are Theater rehearsals. Tomorrow, we journey to our private Funtown-Splashtown USA excursion where we’ll have the whole park to ourselves…no lines or crowds!!

Camp may be winding down, but the fun certainly isn’t…not by a long shot!

Having Fun in the Summer Sun

The good times never seem to end at our summer home! From the Ballfields to the Waterfront, Arts to Equestrian, Adventure to Nature…the sounds of campers having a blast can be heard all over camp!  Saturday was our annual Carnival Day. The rides and games, the food and the photos…we had an incredible time!

Our CITs and LITs will head out today to North Country Rivers for their whitewater rafting trip!  For the rest of camp, tonight will be our annual Drive-In Movie Night! We’ve got our private excursion to Funtown/Splashtown USA coming up as well. Not to mention, the excitement is building for such favorites as: Spirit Days, Theater shows, Moose Bowl & Katahdin Cup…the list goes on and on.

 We’re making the most of every second we have together at this magical place in Casco, Maine.

Nearing the Halfway Point…

It’s hard to believe how quickly a summer can fly by…it seems like just yesterday we were reuniting as a camp family, and here we are nearing the halfway point of what has been an awesome summer!

After an incredible 5 days of Pod Camp, we were thrilled to receive individual schedules and head out on our first “A” Day of the summer. Today is our first “B” Day and the campers are loving it! To make it even better, tomorrow is an “S” Day, and it’s a LoSo favorite – CARNIVAL DAY!

We have much more fun coming up: Beauty and The Beast & Wizard of Oz, Moose Bowl & Katahdin Cup, Funtown, Banquet, CIT/LIT White Water Rafting, Socials…so much fun to pack in, but don’t worry, we’ll get it all in! It’s all part of what we refer to as The New Awesome!

We’ll keep you updated in future blogs, and remember that it’s always a beautiful day in the state of Maine!!

A Fantastic Beginning to an Awesome Summer

Things are off to a wonderful start in Casco this session! We’re almost a week in now, and having a ton of fun! From the Dining Hall to Cove, the Stables to the Waterfront, the Ballfields to the Arts Studios, the sounds of campers laughing and cheering fills the air!

Pod Programming has been amazing – as campers and staff have enjoyed activities as a grade, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Some of our favorite traditional Laurel South activities are coming up soon including Counselor Hunt tonight and Drive-In Movie tomorrow! We all have so much to look forward to moving ahead: CIT/LIT White Water Rafting, Katahdin Cup and Moose Bowl, Beauty and the Beast and Wizard of Oz…the list goes on and on!

We’ll keep you updated throughout the coming weeks of all the goings on at Laurel South. Until then, just know that it is and always will be a beautiful day in the state of Maine!!

One Door Closes as Another Opens

How quickly a summer flies by! On Sunday, we bid farewell to our incredible First Session campers. We had such an amazing summer together and can’t wait to see them next year!

But life moves pretty quickly around here, and before we knew it, we were gearing up for our awesome Second Session arrival! What a great day we had…greeting friends (old and new), bonding with counselors, and getting to know each other. We’re off to another incredible start!

Yesterday was Moose Stomp Day, and we loved the S’mores and snow cones and (of course) Bumper Tubing on Crescent Lake…followed in the evening by our Opening Ceremonies Council Fire. Today we began our pod schedule where we travel to all of our programs and activities in grade pods, getting to know everyone in our age group, not just in our cabin. We hope to successfully resume our regular, guided-choice scheduling in the near future.

We’ll keep you updated on all of the goings-on in Casco in future blogs. Until then, please know that it is a beautiful day in the state of Maine today…and every day!