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In The State of Maine! Welcome Home Laurel South Alumni.

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Anyone that’s been a member of the Laurel South family knows what an unforgettable and special experience a summer is on Crescent Lake! Welcome to the alumni portion of our site. Relive summer memories and rekindle old friendships, or simply view the slideshows and take a step back in time to the place we call home—Laurel South.

Please keep in touch…we love hearing from you! And, as always, thanks for keeping the Laurel South Spirit alive!

Since 1993

Laurel camping was founded in 1949 and Camp Laurel operated its first summer in 1950 under the direction of the Archard and Harrison families. In 1974, Ron and Ann Scott joined Ann’s parents, Mel and Bette Archard, as Directors. In 1979 Ron and Ann purchased Laurel and assumed the roles of Owners and Directors. In 1994, Keith Klein purchased Camp Laurel from the Scotts. Keith owns Laurel today along with his partners, Jem and Debbie Sollinger. The Scotts purchased the former Dr. Johnson’s Camps in 1992 at its site on Crescent Lake in Casco, Maine, and renamed it Laurel South. Laurel South operated its first summer in 1993 under the leadership of Roger and Dagni Christian. In the fall 0f 1998, Roger and Dagni, along with Keith, took ownership of Laurel South and continue their partnership to this day.

While Laurel South is known as a first-rate facility, Roger and Dagni have always maintained that it is the people who make Laurel South the special place it is today. Every camper and counselor has left an impression on our camp and contributed to the rich tradition we enjoy. As we speak with Laurel South alumni, we often hear stories of Spirit Days, Council Fires, Carnival, S- Day’s, Ohana, Socials… the list goes on and on. The overriding theme that ties each of these stories together are the memories. Memories of friendships and fun which last long after the summers spent at camp.

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