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An Amazing Final Week…

What an incredible final week we’ve had! As we came down the final stretch, the action never waned…from Moose Bowl to Katahdin Cup, Moana to Frozen, Moosestock to Banquet Night…the fun never slowed down!

And as we write this, our campers and staff are busy packing up, hanging out with their friends, reminiscing about what an adventure we all just shared. For sure, there’s a mix of laughter and tears, and as bittersweet as the end is, we’re confident that the friendships forged and the memories created will carry us for the next 11 months, as we daydream about being right back here – in Casco – ready for the 2023 summer to kick off.

As we say…don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened. And we all shared in it together. After all, it is a beautiful day in the state of Maine!!