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What a Week!

As our summer grows older by the day, Laurel South continues to spark the spirits of campers with unforgettable adventures, cherished traditions and treasured friendships. As dusk settled the other night, our campfire came alive with the Council Fire showcase of talents honed and friendships forged. More than halfway through our season we’ve highlighted the past few days with our spectacular Carnival. We bounced on every inflatable, won every prize, and ate every snow cone in sight. From clouds of cotton candy to thrilling rides and games, it set the tone for the rest of our fun-filled session.

The daily heartbeat of camp life beats to the rhythm of shimmering Crescent Lake. Whether it’s paddling in canoes, mastering the art of sailing, getting up on a waterski for the first time, or simply swimming in the crystal clear water, every moment spent at the lake is a testament to the beauty of summer in Maine. The past few days have been particularly picturesque with beautiful weather and cotton candy sunsets that made even the most sticky Carnival hands jealous. For our oldest campers, the highlight of their week was the challenging yet rewarding hike up Pleasant Mountain. The trek rewarded them with panoramic views that stretched to Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Our younger campers have competed in numerous intercamps and special events in the past few days, showcasing not only their skills but also the Laurel South way, making every moment better than the last.

Looking ahead, our Fourth of July celebration promises the best fireworks in Maine, a fitting crescendo to what has already been an unforgettable summer at Camp Laurel South. Still on the horizon, excitement continues to build as we eagerly anticipate our upcoming trip to Funtown, a day of thrilling rides and laughter. The days may be ticking down, but the fun is just heating up!