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Laurel South - A premier summer camp located in the Sebago Lakes region of Maine.

Sending a child to camp is a tremendous act of faith by parents. At Laurel South, we take that responsibility very seriously and maintain an environment that encourages both safety and health and reinforces a positive self-image. We aim to provide campers with opportunities for emotional and physical growth, encourage their natural abilities and instill the benefits of group living. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable, exciting summer experience that motivates our campers to approach the future with courage, confidence and a feeling of self worth.

We create a warm, family feeling at Laurel South in a number of ways. We limit camper enrollment; encourage continuous skill development throughout the summer; stress personal development no matter what the inherent ability of a camper may be; and, lastly, work to create an atmosphere of attention and care for the individual.


Each summer Laurel South operates two four-week programs with 380 children, ages 7 to 15, from all over the United States. The vast majority of campers return year after year.

Groups and Campuses

Each Laurel South session enrolls 190 boys and 190 girls. For certain daily activities and evening programs, the camp divides into age-appropriate groups, assigned by grade completed in school. This allows us to provide a very personal, close-knit atmosphere and a great deal of personal attention.

Kennebago Boys

Saco Completed grades 2-4
Allagash Completed grades 5-6
Rangeley Completed grades 7-9

Kennebec Girls

Kineo Completed grades 2-4
Baxter Completed grades 5-6
Katahdin Completed grades 7-9
Laurel South Summer Camp Counselors and Staff

Daily Schedule

Each day at Laurel South is filled with exciting activities and programs, and the daily schedule allows campers time to explore individual interests and bond with fellow campers. Wake-up and meals are consistent within the camp, but lights-out times vary depending upon the camper's age.

A typical day begins with wake-up and breakfast, followed by morning "Cove" (a campus-wide meeting to prepare for the day ahead). There is a short cabin clean up, and then campers attend three morning activities. After buffet lunch and rest hour, there are two additional activity periods and "Individual Choice" (IC). Every evening after dinner, there is a program for each group. These include theatre productions, sports leagues and group games. Following evening snack, lights out is scheduled according to age. Note: this "Typical" schedule is followed during regular program days. Every fifth day is a Special Event Day at Laurel South, where campers enjoy either a trip out of camp or a special day in camp.


Laurel South provides homestyle meals that are both tasty and nutritious. Our menu includes: weekly cookouts, lunch and dinner salad bars, dinner pasta/potato bar, vegetarian options, fresh fruit at every meal, daily homemade soups for lunch and a mid-morning "fruit break."


All campers attend Laurel South for one 4-week period. Each session is a complete camping experience. Campers live and participate with the same friends and cabin-mates in a full program wrapped into four weeks where everyone arrives the same day and departs together.

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