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An Amazing First Week!

Our Second Session is in full swing! While it seemed like it took forever for camp to get here, we were finally reunited on the shores of Crescent Lake. After Arrival Day and MooseStomp Day, we got right into our “A” and “B” Programming Days. It warms our hearts to hear the sounds of singing, cheering and laughing coming from all corners of camp!

Our wonderful CIT group and our equally incredible 8th Graders recently returned from their spectacular opening trips. The CITs cruised the rapids of the Kennebec River, while the 8th Graders camped at Jellystone Park and saw the sights of North Conway, New Hampshire. They returned yesterday filled with amazing stories and memories that will last forever! The rest of camp celebrated our first “S” Day of the summer. The day began with our amazing “S” Day breakfast and concluded with a trip to the movies. The next day we were right back into regular programming.

There’s still so much to look forward to: Carnival, Moose Bowl & Katahdin Cup, 2 Theater Shows, Funtown, Moosestock…the list goes on and on! We’ll keep you updated in future blogs. Until then (if anyone asks), you can tell them that “it’s a beautiful day in the State of Maine today!”