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2 Days of Spirit – A Lifetime of Memories

It seemed like any other dinner. Sure, we had an awesome Dining Hall Dance Party after dinner, but suddenly things got rowdy, as our CITs used the Dance Party as the perfect opportunity to break Spirit Days 2023!! For the next two days, the Blue Earthquakes and the Green Volcanoes competed hard on the field, cheering each other on in a wonderful display of competitive sportsmanship. The cheers were top-notch and the plaques were incredible! And after two hard-fought days, we were all winners, as the final score seemed less important than the fun we had! We had a blast, but we’re so excited to be reunited as one big family, ready for all the fun the awaits us.  And there’s so much more to fit in!

We may only have a week left, but what a week it’ll be! Tonight’s Social will be sure to please the crowd. Tomorrow is Moose Bowl…the teams have been practicing hard, as have the dance squads that comprise the amazing halftime show. Monday evening we are off to Funtown/Splashtown USA for an evening of fun and games and rides and carnival foods. And wait…that’s not all…we still have two theater shows, Katahdin Cup, Moose Stock, Final Banquet…the list goes on!

As you can see, we jam every possible minute of fun into a LoSo summer, and we’ll keep you updated. Until then, we’re having a ball, the weather is beautiful and it’s always a beautiful day in the state of Maine!!