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Two Days of Spirit!

Laurel South has been a whirlwind of excitement and camaraderie the past few days. Our week began with an unexpected twist when our CITs orchestrated and executed a surprise Spirit Days break to end our Counselor Hunt event. Jaws hit the floor and staff were left speechless as we launched right into our Great Yarn Race event. For the next two days camp erupted into a sea of blue and green, igniting a friendly rivalry that set the tone for the following days of spirited competition.

Mother Nature herself seemed to join in our celebration, giving us two days of flawless weather. Under clear blue skies, the Blue Ice and Green Fire faced off in epic battles of athleticism, creativity, and spirit. From bucket brigades to dizzy izzy, and soccer to tennis showdowns, every moment was infused with laughter, determination, and the bonds of friendship strengthened. Our CITs came together with an amazing Kaos race and Moosehead Relay before sitting around the fire reminiscing about the two day event.

How do you top two days of Spirit Days? We jumped right into our unforgettable 4th of July celebration. Dressed in red, white, and blue, campers and staff came together for a day of festivities that ended in a mesmerizing fireworks display against the backdrop of a starry Maine night sky.

Looking ahead, anticipation is building for our upcoming excursion to Funtown Splashtown USA today. The thought of towering waterslides, Dragons Descent and arcade games has everyone buzzing with excitement. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to dive into the last week of camp.

As the sun sets over the towering White Pines on the shores of Crescent Lake, we approach the final stretch of this session, emotions are bittersweet. There is still so much to look forward to: Moosebowl, Katahdin Cup, Theatre shows and Moosestock highlight our last week. We reflect on the incredible experiences we’ve shared, the friendships forged, and the personal growth achieved. Each day at Laurel South has been a chapter in our summer story, and as we look forward to our last week together, we’re filled with gratitude for the memories made and excitement for the adventures yet to come.