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The Fun Never Ends!

It’s hard to believe that we’re now past the half-way point of another incredible LoSo summer! While it seems like we’ve just arrived, there has been so much action packed into every day.

Sunday night’s Cove started like any other…until our amazing CITs chose that moment to announce the beginning of Spirit Days 2023! For the next two days, the Green Team and the Blue Team left it all on the fields. The effort shown by both team, the spirit on display and the sportsmanship offered made us so proud. It was one of the closest Spirit Days in recent memory, and, in the end, we all won. While we all had a fantastic time, it’s nice that at the end of Spirit Days, Blue and Green really are 1 big team!

Today is another awesome “S” Day. After sleeping in a bit, we had our World Famous “S” Day Breakfast and IC/Bumper Tubing Morning. Our CITs will head out on the Super-Secret “S” Day excursion, and the questions is not, “Where are they going?”, but rather “Where aren’t they going?”! Meanwhile the rest of camp will venture to Funtown/Splashtown USA for a day of water slides, rides, food, games, and (most importantly) spending time with our friends creating memories that will last a lifetime!

You’d think we’d be running out of events to keep us busy, but don’t worry…between now and Departure Day we still have Moose Bowl…Katahdin Cup…Moosestock…Little Mermaid…Mama Mia…Banquest…the action doesn’t stop!

We hope you’re having a wonderful summer, and rest assured we are, because it’s always a beautiful day in the state of Maine!!