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Summer 2024 is Here!

As the summer sun rises over the shores of Crescent Lake, Camp Laurel South springs to life with the energy and excitement that only the start of camp can bring. 

After an amazing Orientation, our staff couldn’t wait to welcome our campers on opening day. At long last, summer 2024 is officially up and running! 

Despite some early drizzle, the enthusiasm among campers and counselors remains unshaken. We’ve already had bumper tubing and a wonderful Moosestomp full of s’mores. After schedule making, our first two days of program have been off the charts. Fun echoes throughout camp as friendships old and new are rekindled, and the promise of an unforgettable summer hangs in the air.

Today marks a special day, with the 8th graders and CITs embarking on their journeys. The 8th graders head on a coastal tour of Maine from Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park to Camden. It’s a tradition like no other, a chance to explore Maine beyond camp’s borders, bond as a group, and forge memories that will last a lifetime. Meanwhile, the CITs eagerly step into their roles, ready to learn and lead on their white water rafting trip in the North Woods. Although we will miss them, their departures only add to the buzz of anticipation for the rest of the camp.

All other campers have a stunning sunny day here in Casco and are eagerly waiting for their first S-Day full of day trips to adventure parks, mini golf, and water parks. How much fun can we possibly pack into one day? The limit does not exist at Laurel South!

Rain or shine, Laurel South thrives on its spirit of community, adventure, and growth. Our campers’ smiles reflect their excitement for the weeks ahead, filled with days of swimming in Crescent Lake, evenings under the stars at campfires, and days spent mastering new skills from basketball to archery to arts and crafts. Here, in the heart of Maine’s wilderness, the start of camp is not just a beginning but a promise of endless possibilities and cherished memories waiting to be made.