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The Halfway Point

It really does fly by that quickly. It seems like just yesterday we were greeting all of our amazing campers, and just like that, we are at the halfway point of the summer. As always, we take time to reflect back on the awesome memories we’ve made, and look ahead in anticipation of all the great things to come!

Today is our 2nd “S” Day, and our talented Program Director, Brad, put on the 2nd Annual Resort Day! After a late wake up, our campers were delivered a wonderful continental breakfast with muffins, croissants, Danish and so much more! In the morning, our 2nd-5th Graders had the opportunity to take part in a Tough Moose race, participate in a fishing tournament and a wide range of other activities. While this was going on, the 6th-8th Graders had control of Crescent Lake, bumper tubing, taking pontoon boat rides, swimming and paddle boarding. In the Afternoon, the groups flip-flopped.  While this was all going on at camp, our CIT’s departed this morning for a Magical Mystery Tour of Maine, seeing some of the sites the area offers, while doing some activities they have asked about for years. We could tell you more about it, but it’s so secretive that even we don’t know. We’ll ask them when they return!