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The Fun Never Ends!

What an incredible session! Since the last time we blogged, a lot has happened…

Our CITs & 8th Graders returned form their awesome trips with phenomenal stories to share! The White Water adventure has long been a Laurel South tradition, as well as a chance for our wonderful CITs to cement their bonds as one big group! Meanwhile our 8th Graders raved about their brand new trip to Jellystone, a trip we hope will soon become a tradition.

Programming continues to thrive! Pickleball and RC Carts are some of our new favorites, but everywhere you look (adventure, ball fields, arts, theater, culinary, the lake) the sights and sounds of engaged campers and staff is awesome!

We just had our phenomenal Laurel South Carnival – a camp favorite each summer! From the food to the games, the inflatables and photo booth to the face painting station, to the food (did we already mention the food?)…everyone had a blast!

Our Katahdin and Rangeley campers are preparing for the Moose Bowl and Katahdin Cup respectively! We are so…

Wait a minute – something’s going on outside the Dining Hall. We’ll be right back…

The CIT’s just broke Spirit Days!! For the next two days, camp will be transformed into two teams: Green & Blue. They’ll compete in the friendliest, but most intense competition at Laurel South. Well, time to go get our colors on. We’ll update you in the next blog!