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The Anticipation Grows…

It’s hard to believe that Arrival Day 2021 is upon us! After waiting far too long, we are so thrilled to finally hear Roger utter the words we’ve been waiting for: “It’s a beautiful day in the state of Maine today!” And those words have never been more true!

We’ve all been waiting less than patiently for this day to come. The year-round team and pre-pre-camp crew arrived in early May. A few weeks later, the pre-camp crew arrived and was hard at work – raking, painting, mowing and cleaning…making sure camp looks as beautiful as ever. Our Adventure staff, Equestrian crew and Waterfront team soon followed for their respective trainings. Next came Staff Arrival and a wonderful Orientation Week in which everyone learned about the history, traditions and philosophies of Laurel South while also training for their roles as cabin counselors and area instructors. 

With each new arriving team, the anticipation grows and grows, and here we are…finally! We can’t wait to see our campers back on the shores of Crescent Lake. 

We hope everyone is ready for the summer of a lifetime!