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So Unbelievably Proud

It wasn’t very long ago that a group of Rangeley men asked for the opportunity to compete in an event where hard work and practice would pay off in the form of a game. Of course that kernel of an idea has transformed into the Moose Bowl…one of our best camp traditions!

This past year, we received a similar request from the ladies of Katahdin. They too wanted to show their skills, to allow their hard work to pay off and to try their best (within the framework of the rules) to win. From this simple request, the Katahdin Cup was born.  Yesterday, the Laurel South Loons took to the field for a spirited soccer matchagainst a squad from Tripp Lake. Watching our young ladies practice throughout the summer, scrimmage against other camps and finally show off their skills filled each of us with an incredible sense of pride. Our ladies played hard, played fair, made friends with their competitors and created memories that will last a lifetime and a tradition sure to thrive for many years to come! We have so much to share in future blogs, but we wanted to dedicate this one to our inaugural Katahdin Cup team. You ladies certainly made the entire camp proud!