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Having Fun in the Summer Sun

The good times never seem to end at our summer home! From the Ballfields to the Waterfront, Arts to Equestrian, Adventure to Nature…the sounds of campers having a blast can be heard all over camp!  Saturday was our annual Carnival Day. The rides and games, the food and the photos…we had an incredible time!

Our CITs and LITs will head out today to North Country Rivers for their whitewater rafting trip!  For the rest of camp, tonight will be our annual Drive-In Movie Night! We’ve got our private excursion to Funtown/Splashtown USA coming up as well. Not to mention, the excitement is building for such favorites as: Spirit Days, Theater shows, Moose Bowl & Katahdin Cup…the list goes on and on.

 We’re making the most of every second we have together at this magical place in Casco, Maine.