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Being Kinder Than Necessary at Camp

Being nice to others; such a simple act, yet many struggle with it. How often do you hold the door for a stranger, do a favor for someone without a prompt, or give out a compliment just to make a person’s day? These simple endeavors may seem insignificant, but to the recipient they are substantial. The smallest of notions can make the largest of differences. At camp, kindness is a staple; it is embedded in the core values that are taught and practiced daily. But how exactly does camp show the value of being nice to others?

Reinforcing Kindness

At camp, random acts of kindness are not just performed regularly, they are celebrated. Whether a seven-year-old child or a 45-year-old adult, people are constantly being friendly and kind at camp…and they can’t escape the “shout-out” received for doing something nice. All good deeds, no matter how small, are recognized. This recognition helps reinforce the positive behavior and makes people more likely to repeat their actions. This is why camp is very successful at reinforcing kindness; the more good deeds you do, the more recognition you get, the happier you feel and the more likely you are to continue doing good deeds. This continuous cycle allows for a perpetually positive and kind atmosphere, one that keeps people coming back to camp summer after summer.

Kindness is Contagious

Have you ever heard the phrase “laughter is contagious”? At camp it’s not just laughter that’s contagious – kindness is contagious. Because being friendly is the norm, you can look in any direction and you will probably see someone performing a good deed. The constant exposure to good deeds creates a ripple effect. One person is friendly to a second and this second person instantly wants to be friendly to a third. Kindness spreads like wildfire and before you know it, everyone is being nice. In today’s world where kindness is at a premium…what more could one ask?