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Another Spirited Spirit Days!!!

Tuesday morning started out like any other “A” Day.  We woke up excited for another day of programming, ate a delicious breakfast and headed back to cabins for clean-up. Suddenly the bell rang and rang and rang and rang. Oh, we were having our annual fire drill. Everyone headed to the Downeast Field, lined up by cabins. As Roger made his check that all were accounted for, each cabin had a brief skit to announce their presence. The very last cabin, Cedars, our CIT girls read a poem which ended with the announcement that Spirit Days 2017 was upon us. They were joined by the CIT boys, and everyone was ready for Spirit Days to commence!

For the next 2 days, the Green Army and Blue Navy took to the fields, displaying teamwork, effort and sportsmanship that makes us so proud. What transpired was the friendliest of competitions with everyone cheering for their own team, as well as the other, enjoying the contest, but never taking it too far. The closing ceremony was filled with awesome cheers, incredible plaques designed and made by the campers and unbelievable songs. In the end, when Adam read the final score, the winner was…Laurel South, because after 2 days we were reunited as one big team with memories that will last a lifetime!

Today, our Fly Fishing enthusiasts are enjoying a great clinic from an Orvis Fishing Guide. In the two years we’ve held these clinics, the number of Fly Fishing campers has increased, and their skill set is through the roof!!!  On Sunday, our 6th Grade Girls will depart for their camping trip to Mount Blue, while our 8thGraders will depart for their trip to North Conway!

We may be closing in on our final week, but we still have a ton to look forward to: Two Theater Shows, Moose Bowl, Final Banquet…the list goes on! We’ll fill every moment we have together with friends and memories that just can’t be beat!!!