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It’s August…

Every August, days grow shorter. And it’s not just hours of daylight. The time between now and the end of camp gets compressed too. Each night, the end of a magical summer draws closer.

Finally, we all go home. It’s a bittersweet time for everyone. Packing seems so final.

But not everything a camper brings home fits in a duffel. Certain things are impossible to stow.

Independence. Your child may have been gone for a month or two….but he or she comes home more than several weeks “older.” Away from parents, siblings, familiar teachers and hometown friends, campers gain a sense of independence that serves as an important springboard for the coming year.

Skills and confidence. Kayaking. Acting. Tent-putting-up. Lacrosse. Stand-up Paddleboarding. Your child returns home with a bag full of new tricks. She may not kayak again until next summer, and he might not try out for the school play. But every September, campers know they can do things they never thought possible way back in June.

Friendships. It can be strange hearing stories about youngsters you don’t know well. Suddenly your child talks about other towns, schools and states. Your cell bill may include calls all over the country. Camp is a great way to make new friends. And those friendships are far deeper and real than anything on Facebook.

Relationships. More than friendships, campers develop real relationships. Living together 24/7, they develop bonds – and not just with peers. Campers live with and learn from young adults, and older directors. The unhurried pace of camp life nurtures many strong relationships.

Strong bodies and a healthy glow. Sure, kids wear hats and sunscreen. But nothing beats summer days, spent in the water and out of doors.

Memories. You can’t stow memories in luggage. You can’t ship them home. But they belong to every camper, and they’ll never be lost.

One Week to Go and the Action is Non-Stop!

With one amazing week left, the 2012 summer continues to be action-packed!!! Saturday began with Movie Morning, as each camper chose an age-appropriate film. After lunch, we were impressed with the talent on display at the Camper Variety Show, as campers sang, danced, told jokes, performed skits and, of course, the day concluded with our incredible Laurel South Carnival. Tonight, the entire Laurel South family will gather for a Council Fire. Tomorrow night is the 2nd Annual Moose Bowl. Our 2 unbelievable Theater Shows are right around the corner. And, of course, in between there’s tennis, skiing, basketball, baseball, ceramics, rocketry, lacrosse, fitness, crafts and more! The good times never stop at Laurel South!

Casco Fun Never Ends…

What an amazing summer we’re having! Our 6th Grade boys just returned from their amazing overnight camping trip at Wolfe’s Neck. The 8th Grade Boys and Girls are excited for their overnight trip to beautiful North Conway, NH tomorrow. Intercamp games and tournaments are in high gear. Saturday, the entire Laurel South family will enjoy Movie Morning, our awesome camper Variety Show and, of course, the famous Laurel South Carnival! The weather has been excellent, and the fun, activity, instruction and friendships never end at Camp Laurel South!

Spirit Days, Canobie Lake and More Fun…

Friday started out as any other “B” Day. Campers and counselors enjoyed their morning activities before heading off to lunch. Everything changed during lunch, however, as our amazing CIT’s broke Spirit Days 2012! For the next day-and-a-half, the Blue Justice League and the Green Avengers battled it out in the friendliest of competitions. The highlights included the CIT’s running CHAOS and the entire camp participating in the Moosehead Relay! In the end, we all reunited as one – the Laurel South family. Yesterday, the entire camp had an amazing time at Canobie Lake. We all enjoyed the rides, food and especially the friendship. The weather is gorgeous and we look forward to another amazing “A” Day tomorrow filled with Tennis, Riding, Waterskiing, Baseball, Ceramics, Basketball, Hockey, Rocketry and more!

Contagious Fun, Fun, Fun!

The first week of the 2012 season has been packed full of action and fun. Our 8th and 9th Graders will soon be pulling back into camp after awesome adventures at Acadia National Park and White Water rafting on the Kennebec River. Our first “S” Day was a rousing success as Saco/Kineo had a blast at Splashtown…the Allagash/Baxter Beach Party was amazing, and the 7th graders had a ball at Sea Coast. Of course everyone enjoyed Bumper Tubing in the morning! And regular program is off the charts: from the Tennis Courts to the Zip Line to the Soccer and Lacrosse Fields and the Crafts Shops…we’re doing it all. Basketball, Ceramics, Crew, Waterskiing, riding, Stand-up Paddleboarding, Fitness, Dance and so much more. Everyday is an adventure of instruction, spirit and fun! We’re a week into the season…and things are hummin’!!

Second Session in H-I-G-H Gear

We have been at camp for just a few days, but the action is already in full swing! Tennis, Skiing, Riding, Ceramics, baseball, Theatre, Lacrosse, Fishing and More!! after our annual Moosestomp Day, programming began and it’s been non-stop ever since.
We had our first rotation of “A” and “B” Days, and we can’t wait for our first in camp “S” Day! Our 8th Graders are heading out to Acadia National Park for their camping experience. Our CIT’s are getting ready for their amazing White Water Rafting Trip…and Intercamps and Tournaments begin tomorrow. The weather has been absolutely fantastic…it’s always a beautiful day in the state of Maine! We are so happy to be on the shores of Crescent Lake!

Second Session Kicks off…

It’s always a beautiful day in the state of Maine, but Thursday was even more special. With a gorgeous, mild, sunny day Second Session campers from all over the United States and around the world gathered in Casco, Maine. After reconnecting with old friends and making new ones, the entire Laurel South family gathered at cove as Roger and Dagni officially kicked off the 2012 summer! After a delicious cookout dinner, each campus had their own Evening Program. Today is Moose Stomp Day, as campers have the opportunity to create their schedules for the summer, eat S’mores, bumper tube on beautiful Crescent Lake and get to know each other. We’ll conclude the day with our annual Council Fire. We are all eagerly anticipated tomorrow when programming officially begins!!! Welcome Home one and all….

One Door Closes…and Another Opens…

Another amazing Laurel South Session has gone by all too quickly. Our final programming days were jam packed with culminating activities. Saturday night was our awesome Banquet, as campers and staff feasted on steak, lobster or vegetarian lasagna. After a great Packing Day Sunday, the entire Laurel South family joined together for our Closing Ceremony Council Fire. Each cabin recited songs or poems which reflected their wonderful memories of the 2012 summer. On Monday, our First Session campers headed home with a treasure trove of memories and a long list of close friends. We will miss all of our First Session campers tremendously already!!! But we are psyched to welcome our equally fantastic Second Session campers on Thursday!!!


Tuesday night was one of the most exciting in the history of Laurel South Evening Programs – our classic Moose Bowl! The Rattlesnakes and Black Bears battled it out in a defensive struggle until the final two minutes. With one minute, 50 seconds left, the Black Bears returned an interception for what seemed like the game clinching touchdown. But the Rattlesnakes marched straight down the field and scored a go-ahead touchdown with less than a minute to play. In what will go down as an all time highlight, the Black Bears completed a long, “Hail Mary” pass as time expired to win the game 18-12. What will be remembered most, though, was the sportsmanship displayed by both teams. The entire camp loved the tailgating, singing, dancing and, especially, the awesome game put on by the men of Rangeley! Last night, our younger campers performed “Schoolhouse Rock” for the entertainment of all, and tomorrow, we can’t wait to see our older campers’ performance of “Mama Mia!” Yesterday we enjoyed our annual trip to Funtown. We are gearing up for our final two Program Days and the culminating activities. It’s always an action packed, beautiful day in the state of Maine!!!

Camp Food…

Bug juice. Mystery meat. For years, they were the staples – real or imagined – of camp food.
Well, eat your words.
Like other parts of the summer camp experience, mealtime has evolved.
At Laurel South, for example, we offer plenty of whole grains, plus fresh fruit and other choices. Campers (and staff members) eat it up.
There’s fresh-sliced turkey at lunch.
Homemade soup daily too.
A 12-item salad bar at dinner.
Fresh-baked desserts.
Campers eat five or six times a day. There’s breakfast; a fruit break in late morning; lunch; canteen at mid-day; dinner, and a “nite bite.”
Of course, camp being camp, we do serve tasty treats like brownies, Whoopee Pies, chicken fingers and more.
But because we limit access to sweets and soda – and because youngsters are so active – they return home in great health.
So forget the bug juice and mystery meat of your youth (which comedians dined out on for decades).
“Dining Hall” is no longer an oxymoron.
Of course, some things never change. Mealtime at camp is still quite a bit louder than at home.
We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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