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Every Summer is Unique

Every Laurel South summer is unique and presents its own opportunities for forming friendships, creating memories and growing as a person. Each camper and staff member experiences moments that shape who they are.

Laurel South has many “big moment” events. Ask anyone who’s been to camp and they can reel off the list: Spirit Days…Carnival…”S” Days…Final Banquet…Theater Shows…the list goes on. These events create a buzz around camp. But every summer is more than the sum of its parts.



It’s the “in-between” moments that can impact us the most – like walking to an activity with a new friend. It’s as simple as having a great counselor who made bedtime awesome with the stories they’d tell. Or seeing a shooting star for the first time. It’s the jokes, laughter and shared experiences between cabinmates that truly define a camp season.


When we look back on what made the past summer so special – it’s about the people. The laughter and singing and cheering and inside jokes that only your camp friends understand…these are the little moments that make Laurel South our second home!

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  1. I totally agree as a camper there myself i love reading your blogs and seeing the countdown every once in a while

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