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What a Week!

Our camp session seems to fly by in the blink of an eye!  It’s hard to believe that we’ve already finished our first week of camp. So much has been going on we’d love to share with you:

Our CIT’s and 8th Graders returned from their awesome trips White Water rafting on the Kennebec River and seeing the beauty of Acadia National Park and visiting the town of Bar Harbor. The trips were great, and the campers had a blast, but it’s so nice to have the entire camp family home again! Tomorrow the 7th Graders depart for their trip to Camden State Park. Our Saco boys had so much fun Mini-Golfing last night and returned with smiles on their faces as they headed off to bed. Roger and Dagni took the 7 Year Club to an incredible dinner in Naples, where they laughed and told stories about summers passed and, of course, ate a great meal. Regular programming is off to an amazing start as well!

We have so much coming soon to look forward to: 4th of July, Spirit Days (if the CIT’s decide to have it this year), Carnival, FunTown, Moose Bowl, Theater Shows, Rocket Launches, the list goes on and on!!!

As you can see, we don’t waste a single moment at camp! Each day we wake up excited for all of the adventures to be had, and we’ll continue to keep you updated about all the goings on in Casco.