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Sunset before the Sunrise…

What an incredible final week we just had. Rather than slowing down at the end, we made the most of every single moment, solidifying friendships and creating memories we know will carry us through the next 11 months before we are reunited on the shores of Crescent Lake! In just one short week we managed to pack in two incredible theater shows, a Katahdin Cup for the ages, the 2nd Annual Moosestock, a Final Banquet & Social, Closing Ceremonies…the list goes on and on! 

Thank you to all our camp families who came to see us for a glorious Departure Day. Seeing you reunite with your children and watching you listen to their stories and meet their friends filled our hearts with joy! To all our First Session parents: thank you for the trust and amazing support you gave us. We truly view our relationship as a partnership, and we’re beyond honored that you allowed us to spend the past 3½ weeks with your children. While we’re sad to see everyone depart, we’re excited that the countdown to the 2023 summer has begun. Remember — don’t be sad that it’s over; be happy that it happened and we were all a part of it!

And now our attention quickly turns to our unbelievable 2nd Session. Arrival Day is upon us, and we can’t wait to get it rolling! We’ll continue to update you about all the fun we’re having. Remember, it’s always a beautiful day in the state of Maine!!