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Reunited Again

When we say our final goodbyes each summer, it seems like it will be an eternity before we meet again. But in what seems like the blink of an eye, here we are again reunited on the shores of Crescent Lake, gathered at Cove as Roger and Dagni welcome us to the 2017 summer!!!

What a wonderful Arrival Day we had, as cars, vans and buses from near and far delivered the finest campers anywhere! Once we all arrived, we had an amazing cookout dinner followed by exciting evening programs designed to exert our abundant energy and give campers the opportunity to meet and begin bonding.

Today is our annual Moose Stomp Day. Programs are being created, S’mores are being eaten, pictures are being taken and  bumper tubes are all the rage. Tomorrow, campers will be into their first “A” Day, schedules in hand, heading down to the lake, out to the ballfields, into the theater and up to the barns.

We may have just arrived, but the fun is already in high gear. What a beautiful day in the state of Maine!!