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Program in High Gear…

It seemed like any other Tuesday lunch, as we ate casually with our friends. All of a sudden came a roar from all sides of camp as Spirit Day 2010 was kicked off by our incredible CIT group. For a day-and-a-half, Blue Ice and Green Fire challenged each other in friendly competition which culminated in Wednesday night’s cheers and songs. In the end, both sides won as we reunited as one camp family again. Thursday we were back in programming and inter-camp games and tournaments were held all over camp. From Fishing to Ropes to Riding to Fitness and Ceramics…we’re in high gear. Our 8th graders departed Thursday morning for their awesome trip to Six Flags New England and our 6th grade girls took off on their overnight camping trip. Tomorrow will be another amazing “S” Day as we will, for the first time ever, combine Movie Morning with Carnival Afternoon. Every day is packed with excitement and adventure at Laurel South…What a beautiful day in the state of Maine!!!