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Nearing the Halfway Point…

It’s hard to believe how quickly a summer can fly by…it seems like just yesterday we were reuniting as a camp family, and here we are nearing the halfway point of what has been an awesome summer!

After an incredible 5 days of Pod Camp, we were thrilled to receive individual schedules and head out on our first “A” Day of the summer. Today is our first “B” Day and the campers are loving it! To make it even better, tomorrow is an “S” Day, and it’s a LoSo favorite – CARNIVAL DAY!

We have much more fun coming up: Beauty and The Beast & Wizard of Oz, Moose Bowl & Katahdin Cup, Funtown, Banquet, CIT/LIT White Water Rafting, Socials…so much fun to pack in, but don’t worry, we’ll get it all in! It’s all part of what we refer to as The New Awesome!

We’ll keep you updated in future blogs, and remember that it’s always a beautiful day in the state of Maine!!