If I could go back to camp. . .

If you’re a summer camp alum, and you had some extra wishes lying around, would you use one to go back to camp? If you could go back today, what would you do? We asked and you answered, on Facebook and on Twitter. Here’s some of what your fellow camp alums had to say. We challenged them to finish this sentence:

If I could go back to Camp Laurel South, I would:

…not even know where to start… or what to do with myself!


…ask for chicken patties.

…veg out on the docks with my feet in the water and watch the sunset with my favorite LS friends!

…challenge Agawam to a staff basketball game at Rest Hour and Win!

…sit in Sail Chair and soak it all in.

…ask for “chick p” for lunch, but only with chipotle mayo!

…I would probably start screaming CITS CITS CITS!

…never want to leave again!

What would you do if you could go back to camp today? Use the comments section to let us know!


Winding Down….

How fast time passes when you’re having an amazing time! Wednesday evening, we were all captivated by the sensational performance of Grease! It was unbelievable! We can’t wait to watch our campers in Beauty and the Beast tonight!! Yesterday was our final “S” Day of the session and everyone had an awesome day at Funtown. Today and tomorrow are our final program days of the session and we have some incredible culminating activities planned: our 5th Graders day trip…Dance and Gymnastics shows…the Zip Line and Giant Swing at Adventure…the action goes on and on. Soon we’ll have our Final Banquet and Council Fire before Monday’s departure. We look forward to the next few days together…and the beginning of the countdown to Laurel South 2011!

The Beat Goes on….

We have so much going on…it’s hard to believe there’s only a week left of camp!! What an incredible summer it’s been…the weather has been nearly perfect and everywhere we look, from the ballfields to the waterfront, the stables to adventure, the theater to the arts, this has truly been a magical summer! What’s ahead? Our amazing theater performances…intercamp games and tournaments…exciting dance and gymnastics shows…and let’s not forget Funtown!! With one week left, we’re starting to reflect on the wonderful memories we’ve made so far… Still lots to do…and the beat goes on!

Mid Way….Having A Blast!

It’s hard to believe we’ve passed the mid-way point of the 2010 summer! We have so many amazing memories of the first half, and sooooo much more to look forward to in the next 12 days!! Our 8th graders had an amazing time yesterday at Six Flags New England…and our 6th Grade girls are hiking and climbing on their camping trip. Activities and intercamps continue to be tremendous…everyone is psyched for Movie Morning and Carnival coming soon as well as Drive-In movie night, and Funtown. There is no slowing down the fun that has made the 2010 summer one of our best yet!

Fun In the Sun……

It seemed like any other Friday lunch…campers were intermingling with friends, siblings and counselors when all of a sudden came a thunderous roar of cheers and songs as our incredible CIT group kicked of Spirit Days 2010. For the next day and a half, the Blue Wizards and Green Dragons competed on the ball fields and in the lake, with athletic prowess and an unending supply of team spirit. Just before lunch on Saturday, our CIT’s competed in the Chaos obstacle course while the entire camp cheered them on. After lunch was the Great Moose Relay as every camper competed in a single event. At our closing ceremony, the judges, known as Yellow Jackets, were amazed at the cheers, songs and plaques presented by each squad. At the end of the day, the final score didn’t matter as we once again united as one Laurel South family. Sunday morning, we received a well deserved rest, as we rose a little later and had an elective morning with bumper tubing, tennis, nature, climbing and more all available for our campers before our regular “B” day afternoon. Yesterday the entire camp took off for a spectacular day at Canobie Lake, where we enjoyed the rides, food, and, most importantly, time with our friends. It’s always action-packed at Laurel South. What a beautiful day in the state of Maine!!!

Beautiful Maine Days and Nights….

How quickly a week can fly by at camp! The Laurel South program is in full swing…the Ball Fields, Waterfront, Theater, Arts and Crafts Studios and Riding Rings are all abuzz with activity. Intercamp games and tournaments are in full swing. Our 8th and 9th graders returned from their Acadia and White Water trips. Saco and Kineo had an amazing day at Splashtown…our 7th graders had a blast at Sparetime…and our Baxter and Allagash Beach Party was truly one for the ages! The weather has been beautiful, and the fun never ends at Laurel South!

First Week Off to a Full Speed Start

It’s been an amazing first week at Camp Laurel South! We have completed our first two “A” and “B” Days, and today is our first “S” day. Our 8th and 9th Graders are heading to Acadia National Park and Adventure Bound for White Water rafting!! The rest of camp will have a later wake up followed by our incredible “S” day breakfast of chocolate chip, M&M or blueberry pancakes, scones and cheese omelets. Saco and Kineo campers are off to Splashtown Water Park while our Allagash and Baxter campers will enjoy a cool beach party on Crescent Lake. Not to be left out, our 7th graders will head off to Sparetime for an afternoon of bowling. Tomorrow we will be back into regular program — baseball, basketball, tennis, waterskiing, archery, ceramics, horseback riding and so much more – and our 8th and 9th graders will be back with their summer family. The schedule is packed full of fun. Intercamp games and tournaments are in full swing, and the fun is non-stop in Casco!!

Second Session Kicks Off…

First Session was an amazing success, and just like that, Second Session has arrived!!! We had an incredible opening day as the staff enthusiastically welcomed our Second Session campers. Old friendships were rekindled and new ones began as the Laurel South family finally gathered as one. Today was our annual Moose Stomp Day…schedules were created…s’mores were devoured…we bumper-tubed on Crescent Lake…and we concluded our day with our Council Fire celebrating fun and friendship. Tomorrow, full activity and program will begin. The ballfields, courts, waterfront, theater and Challenge Course will come alive with activity. The fun and excitement has just begun at Laurel South!

First Sessions Winds Down…

How fast time passes when you’re having an amazing time! Wednesday evening, we were all captivated by the sensational performance of Beauty and the Beast, and we can’t wait to watch our campers in Grease tonight! Yesterday was our final “S” Day of the session…everyone had an awesome day at Funtown…going on exciting rides like Dragon’s Descent, playing games to win prizes, eating treats and enjoying time with their friends. Today and tomorrow are our final program days of the session and what incredible culminating activities are planned: Dance and Gymnastics shows, the Zip Line and Giant Swing at Adventure…5th Grade Day Trip…the action goes on and on. Soon we’ll have our final Banquet and Council Fire before Monday’s Departure Day…we can’t wait to meet the many families joining us on that special day, and we don’t look at it as the end of the session, but rather as the beginning of the countdown to Laurel South summer of 2011!

The Action Never Stops…..

It’s hard to believe we are entering the final week of First Session…amazing how time truly does fly when you are having this much fun!! Our 7th Graders had a terrific time on their camping trip which returned yesterday afternoon. Our Saco and Kineo campers had a great time berry-picking yesterday. The under-15 boys and girls soccer teams fared well at their respective tournaments…and everyone had an unbelievable time at our amazing Carnival followed by an awesome Drive-In movie on the Downeast field last night. Wednesday evening will be the first of our two great theater productions of the summer: Beauty and the Beast. And Thursday we are all off to Funtown. The action never stops at Camp Laurel South!!