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The Way Life Should Be

Another magical and amazing summer has come to a close. From our two incredible Theater shows to Moose Bowl and Katahdin Cup…Gymnastics to Rocketry…the Arts to Adventure…Equestrian to Culinary…Waterfront to Anything Goes and all points in between, the summer could not have been better.

To our Campers:  We hope you had the summer of a lifetime. Watching you laugh and support each other is what makes it so worthwhile to us!

To our Staff:  Thank you for your tireless efforts throughout the summer.  Your dedication to our campers amazed us all summer long!

To the CIT’s of 2019:  You truly made the most of your final summer as campers!  Thank you for setting such a wonderful example to our younger campers.  You represented the best of what a camp experience could and should be!  We will miss you and can’t wait to see many of you back as staff members in the near future.


And to our Camp Parents:  Thank you for trusting us!  We understand the decision to send your child away is incredibly difficult, and we will never underestimate the responsibility we have taking care of your children.

At Laurel South, we choose our attitudes, so while we may be sad the summer has come to an end, we choose to be excited that the countdown for the 2020 summer has officially begun!  We hope you all have an awesome year, and we can’t wait to reunite in Maine next summer.

It’s a beautiful day in the state of Maine! Camp and Laurel South: The way life should be!!!

Moose Bowl: The Making of an All-Camp Tradition

On the surface, it seemed like a very easy thing.  About 10 years ago, some of our Rangeley men approached us with a simple request.  They wanted to compete…to play as hard as they could (within the rules of good sportsmanship) and try like heck to win.  Sounded simple enough.  Let’s have a big flag football game.  Anyone who wants to play can, and those who prefer not to, no problem!  We set up a combine and a draft, and the two teams (the Rattlesnakes and the Black Bears) would practice all session long for one big game!

For those of you who know Roger and Dagni, and those of you who have experienced “The Laurel South Way,” you know we wouldn’t come up with such a cool idea without finding a way for the entire camp to participate in some way. That was the tricky question: “So if the Rangeley boys are playing in the game, what will everyone else be doing?”

We brainstormed ideas and we added layers to the game until it truly became an all-camp tradition!  The festivities begin with an amazing Tailgate Cook-Out with music playing and footballs being tossed.  Once we get down to the field, campers sing the National Anthem, concluding with campers in our Rocketry program launching rockets into the air.  When Roger and Dagni call the captains to mid-field for the coin toss, our CIT captains are joined by their camp little brothers. Our halftime show is performed by campers in our dance program. During the game, groups are called for S’mores, tee-shirts are raffled off, dance parties break out between quarters, etc.  By the end of the evening, everyone feels connected to the experience!

We hope you enjoyed this little peak behind the curtain.  Up next:  A Tale of Two Shows:  a look back at both of our amazing camp plays!  Until then, it’s a beautiful day in the state of Maine!!!

And Down the Stretch They Come!

Where does the time go? How is it possible that we have only one week left in another magical Laurel South summer? We’ve had so much fun already!

Tuesday night was our first annual Katahdin Cup, a lacrosse game for our 7th-9th Grade girls against a neighboring camp. It was a well-played, hard-fought contest, and we were so proud of the effort and sportsmanship both teams displayed! What an example for future Katahdin Cup players! After the excitement of Spirit Days and Katahdin Cup, we were equally psyched for Wednesday’s “S” Day Carnival. The games, the food, the dunk tank, the sibling photos, the music, the BBQ…all of which help make our Carnival so special. But the best part:  the time we share with our entire camp family. Yesterday, our 6th Grade girls headed out on their camping trip, while our 8th Graders spent an amazing two days and one night in North Conway, New Hampshire. This incredible trip really gets the group ready for the CIT summer in 2020!

Saturday night is Moose Bowl, and the whole camp is fired up for an amazing evening! Of course, we still have our traditional “S” Day trip to FunTown USA, both Theater shows, all of our culminating activities, Banquet and so much more! So while our time may be getting shorter, the fun will never subside!

Spirit Days!!!

As long as Spirit Days has been a tradition at Laurel South, so too has the campers trying to predict the exact day and time that it will break. Every session of every summer, Roger brainstorms with the CITs to come up with just the perfect opportunity when no one will see it coming! And the larger the CIT group, the harder is it to keep all of that information secret. Well we can tell you that this session’s incredible CIT group did just that! Any camper who tells you they knew exactly when Spirit Days was breaking are trying to pull a fast one on you! It was an amazing break during a Social, followed by a late night Tug of Ohana!! All day yesterday and today, the Green Trains and Blue Planes are competing in a spirited but friendly competition. Games are being played, cheers and songs being written and practiced, plaques being constructed. And while we try our very best to win, we know that at the end of Spirit Days, we’ll all be winners for having shared such a fun and exciting time. We look forward to our Closing Ceremonies tonight which will officially reunite us as one camp family…and the fireworks show tonight will be pretty cool too!!

So here we are, right at the halfway point. We’re psyched for Wednesday’s Carnival. Thursday our 8th Graders depart for North Conway, NH.  And have we mentioned we still have 2 Theater Shows, a Moose Bowl, a Katahdin Cup, a 7th Grade Day Trip, plenty of intercamp games and tournaments, and so much more time to create lasting memories with our friends?  As we’ve been known to say, “Laurel South…the way life should be!”

Nearing the Halfway Point

Every summer seems to fly by, and this one is no exception. It seems like just yesterday that we reunited on the shores of Crescent Lake, and then in the blink of an eye, we’re halfway through. And as we reach this part of the summer, we like to reflect on all of the amazing times we’ve had at camp and share our excitement for all that’s yet to come!

Yesterday was our trip to Canobie Lake, and what a time we had! From the rides to the games to the food…it was a magical day. Of course, the best part of the day is spending time with our friends, creating memories that will last a lifetime!  Our 5-Year Club (100 members strong) is off on their annual Movie Morning. Tonight is our Social, and cabins are coming up with all sorts of fun theme ideas! As we smile thinking back to all of the wonderful times we’ve shared so far, we also focus our excitement on the marvelous times still to come:  Spirit Days, Theater Shows, Carnival, Moose Bowl, Katahdin Cup, the list never ends!!!

Camp…the way life should be!

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