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How Camp Teaches You to Always Plan Ahead

Going to camp is more than just an unforgettable time away from home with your friends — it’s also an investment in your skills, character and future. Camp teaches campers critical life skills including organization, leadership and time management.


Here are just a few ways that campers learn to plan ahead while enjoying the fun and games at Camp Laurel South!

LS6Navigating Camp Activities

Practicing how to plan time to get around camp between activities, and how to organize and bring the things you need to complete each activity doesn’t just prepare campers for their lacrosse, crafts and sailing periods — it prepares them for the hectic pace of life outside camp; from elementary school all the way through college!

Days at camp tend to be packed with activities and being on time for each activity ensures that you can maximize your fun. Learning to balance so many activities in a busy day is certainly one of camp’s biggest challenges, but with a little bit of practice everyone gets the hang of it.  Of course – your counselors are always there to help!

Planning Campfire and Talent Show Acts

Most campers choose to participate in either a campfire or a talent show at some point during their summer. Usually, the acts are created and practiced during free time and rest periods. Campers have to find a time in their daily schedule to plan their act and practice with other campers.

The incremental process of preparing performances helps campers build experience planning group projects and breaking down large, complex homework assignments into more manageable pieces, so they can complete a little each day. The secret to camp performances is taking it one small step at a time.

Looking to the Future

Camp is filled with experiences that campers look forward to. From Spirit Days break to the MooseBowl, there are plenty of events that campers are excited about. It is this looking to the future that allows campers to develop the ability to anticipate.

While not everything may work out the first time — it’s not a big deal to be late to an activity or to misjudge when the Spirit Days break will be  — you will eventually hone your skills, and be able to apply your experiences to the rest of your life. Campers love to live in the moment, but they always have one eye on the future. With a little bit of planning, every second of camp is a blast!

5 At-Home Activities for When You Miss Camp

It happens to the best of us. Every year.

Summer ends, school begins, and nothing feels quite as fun or exciting as those precious weeks of fun and freedom at Camp Laurel South…you’re campsick!

Luckily, summer is not too far away. Here are a few of our favorite year-round activities to bring that camp feeling home!

1. Make S’mores

Nothing says “camp” quite like campfires, and nothing says “campfires” quite like s’mores. Luckily, making s’mores at home is easy — you can even do it over a stovetop. (Although a backyard campfire is better if you have the chance!)

If you’re making s’mores using a stove, here’s a good recipe:


Graham Crackers, Milk Chocolate, Marshmallows

Place marshmallows on graham crackers in a baking pan and toast under broiler for a few seconds until golden brown. Remove and finish the s’mores with chocolate pieces and graham cracker; the heat from the marshmallows will melt the chocolate…yum!

2. Go Backyard Camping

Camping is super fun, but sometimes you’re too busy to go hiking into the wilderness to do it. Backyard camping to the rescue! The best part about backyard camping is that the house is close by if anybody needs anything; enjoy your night under the stars…in the comfort of your own backyard.

3. Send Letters to Camp Friends

The best parts about camp are the friends you make. Even if they don’t happen to live near you, keeping in touch by “snail mail” can be a fun way to stay up to date on your friend’s school years. Who doesn’t love to get a letter these days?

So bust out those craft supplies and get creative with letters and postcards…and of course there’s always email and chat for those of us who just can’t wait for the old-fashioned post office.

4. Enjoy a Nature HikeLS3

Another part of camp that many of us miss during the year is the rejuvenating feeling of being in the great outdoors. The wind in the trees, the quiet of the woods — it’s all a part of what makes camp so special.

So if you find yourself missing nature, you don’t have to wait until next summer to enjoy it; just get your family together for a trip out to the nearest park or natural area. All you need is a Sunday afternoon, sturdy hiking shoes and a sense of adventure.

Plus, it’s a great chance to put some of those outdoor skills you learned at camp to good use!

5. Join a New Activity

Last but not least, always remember to challenge yourself. People tend to think of camp as the place for trying new things, and school as being a little boring by comparison…but it doesn’t have to be that way!

One thing camp teaches you is that variety is the spice of life, so when you have the chance to try something new, just go for it. Chances are you can make time for a new sport, dance lessons, band, writing a book, becoming a rock star and whatever else it is that you’re interested in. All you have to do is step up to the challenge and believe in yourself — just like at camp.

So, even though next summer is not too far away…you might as well have a blast while you wait!

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