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At Laurel South, campers participate in group activities and team sports and also develop individual talents.

Program Structure

Each camper’s schedule is custom made, with the assistance of a staff member. There is also ample time during the day and at evening programs for cabin and group interaction, as we foster this type of development as our first priority. Campers 6th grade and younger are scheduled into swimming instruction, tennis lessons and two team sports, in addition to other elective activities. As campers get older, they have more freedom of choice in their schedule.

Special Days

Every fifth day, we have a Special Day, or "S" Day, at Laurel South. On an "S" Day, campers have a late wake up and a special buffet breakfast. There is a special in-camp program -- bumper tubing on the lake, Carnival Day, Beach Party, etc. -- which takes the place of regular activities. Campers also go on out-of-camp trips to the beach, water parks or other scenic destinations along the Maine coast.

Maine Summer Camp Program


Throughout the summer, campers have the option of participating in Intercamps and Tournaments against other camps in activities like tennis, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, volleyball, softball, basketball, sailing and swimming. There are no try-outs - you don't have to "make the cut" to be on the team. Even though we play to win, we also play to have fun. Our idea of winning is to be well-prepared, try our best, feel good about ourselves and have a great time!

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