Winding Down….

How fast time passes when you’re having an amazing time! Wednesday evening, we were all captivated by the sensational performance of Grease! It was unbelievable! We can’t wait to watch our campers in Beauty and the Beast tonight!! Yesterday was our final “S” Day of the session and everyone had an awesome day at Funtown. Today and tomorrow are our final program days of the session and we have some incredible culminating activities planned: our 5th Graders day trip…Dance and Gymnastics shows…the Zip Line and Giant Swing at Adventure…the action goes on and on. Soon we’ll have our Final Banquet and Council Fire before Monday’s departure. We look forward to the next few days together…and the beginning of the countdown to Laurel South 2011!

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  • Morgan Goldstein's Parents

    As the summer winds down so do our Laurel South experiences. In a few days our family's 8 years comes to end. Our daughter was just 8 when she began her first summer with Roger and Dagni and it has been amazing. 5 of them strong, girls who have been together since that very first night when they first met, many of them homesick and this year with the culmination of this their CIT year will be friends forever. I can only say that both Mark & I cannot imagine a summer without Laurel South and it may be difficult for us next summer as well. However; we know that the spirit days and S days and B & A days and special nights and drive in movies will all become fond memories never to be forgotten ever. I would like to thank everyone at camp who has made Morgan Goldstein's years at Laurel South fantastic in every way. In 2 days she will delete my post as she returns home but in the mean time...thank you all so very much for taking care of our pride and joy all these wonderful years. Thanks Roger & Dagni.

  • We commend Roger and Dagni on their nonstop dedication to the success of summer sleepaway camp! From the moment the campers arrive Camp Laurel South until they leave on departure day the dynamic duo insures each camper's enjoyment and well being!!!! Their hearts and souls go into every moment our children are part of the warm Laurel South community and it shows on our children's faces in the photos we get to see on-line daily, in their letters they send us throughout the session, and their fabulous stories we get to hear them tell once they are back home. Thank you Laurel South. Thank you Roger and Dagni!

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